Revealed: The Secrets To The Iverson Crossover
Learn the Secret Game-Ready Techniques of Allen Iverson's Famous Crossover in 5 EASY to follow Streaming Workouts! 
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Learn Little Known Secrets To The Iverson Crossover
  •  Learn the drills you can use to quickly learn and develop the Iverson Crossover! - You will learn the proper footwork, leg position, body position, head position, ball position, hand position, and more. If you miss any of these essential elements, your crossover will suffer. The better the defense, the less effective you will be.
  •  Learn the secrets to making this move Game-Ready - Have you ever struggled to crossover a good defender? Don't worry. This video will help you fine tune the techniques needed to execute against a good defender! You may develop the ability to do this specific move really well while on your own, but if you are missing our secret Game-Ready formula, you will struggle to successfully do this move in games against good defender. The good news is, this workout will help you do that!
  •  Learn how to get your jump-shot off as quickly as possible following the move. Most players who do this move are making some crucial mistakes that add time to their shot release. This even includes NBA players! You may have enough time to get your shot off (if utilizing our secrets), but if you make the same mistakes the majority of others make, you may lose your scoring opportunity! This may result in a forced shot, a blocked shot, or a seat on the bench! You don't want that, do you? Learn the secrets, NOW!
  •  Super-Boost your handles and shooting skills! Your ball control and shooting ability will be honed through the Game-Ready repetition in this workout. Just imagine how much better you could be! Would you like to be able to shake defenders with the Iverson Crossover and quickly hit a jump-shot? This workout can help you!
  •  Workout live with the video! Have you ever seen an instructional workout video that doesn't provide you with the ability to workout while watching? You're expected to either take notes or take their workout sheet to the gym with you? Well, you won't have to do that with this instructional workout! We provide MUCH more. You will have the luxury of doing this 10-Minute Workout while the video is playing. The video can be played on a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. All you need is a wireless connection and you'll have access on the go! Throughout each workout, there is music playing in the background while "Supe" gives you instruction and encouragement. This provides a fun and motivational way to do your workout.
  •  Discover the essential components of performing this move in a legal manner. Have you ever seen players carry the ball during their crossover? Well, it is possible to effectively perform this move while skillfully executing it in a legal manner. Learn how in this video!
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These Details Could Transform Your Crossover 
This video will thoroughly explain the 3 main parts of the Iverson Crossover, which include:
  • The Hesitation - There are 4 main ways to initiate this particular hesitation, and they will be drilled in the instructional workout. 
  • The Drop & Dart - This is the abrupt movement that immediately follows the hesitation, and there are intricate details that should be executed to help sell the fake. Do you have trouble selling your crossover? Well, this workout will help you!
  • The Crossover - This includes shifting of weight in the direction opposite your fake while crossing the ball over in front. To perform this as quickly and game-ready as possible, there are a number of components that must be executed. How is this done? Learn how in this video. 
Do You Want a
Lethal Crossover?
This video also provides instruction on:
  • The Pull-Up Jump Shot - The pull-up jump shot has become quite rare in today's game, and in this video, you'll learn how to immediately pull-up for a jump-shot after creating an advantage with the Iverson Crossover. The specific pull-up drilled is known as the Side 1-2 (aka the Crossover Pull-Up). How is this done in a game-ready manner? How do you protect the ball when pulling up? Learn how in this video.
  • Over 20 Counter Moves - Over 20 moves that can be used to counter the Iverson Crossover are detailed in Iverson Crossover Secrets. What can you do when your defender anticipates your crossover? Well, you're going to learn the answer to this question and much more when we go over these counter moves! 
The Iverson Crossover can give you an advantage over your competition. Have you ever wanted to be able to shake your defender? Have you ever dreamed of putting your defender on skates? Well, this move can help you do this. But you need to learn how to make it Game-Ready.
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